add a Titanic place



Below you’ll find an „empty“ world map, where you can find places marked and add markers. This requires a google account (e.g. gmail); you need to be logged into your google account to add a marker. Below the map there is a detailed description on how this works.

If you don’t have a google account and you don’t want to have one, please send all information about the place you want to add via our contact form.

And this is how it works:

1.) Open the „empty“ map in full screen mode to access the page in google maps (rectangle in the upper right corner)


2.) click „EDIT“

Place a Marker 01


3.) add marker (grey pin symbol)

Place a Marker 02

4.) Position marker by dragging it to the exact location. For a more detailed view zoom into the map (scroll). The Titanic location should be at the sharp pin end of the marker. You do not need to add a marker category, we will do that when we transfer your location onto the main map.

5.) Name your marker (headline). Add a descrition in the free text section (either English or German – we will translate into the other language for you). Then save by clicking „SAVE“.

Place a Marker 03

…and you’re DONE!

We encourage you to provide your name and a way of contacting you so that we have a source for the marker and can put you on the thank-you list.

Any text attached to the marker is visible to all visitors to the page, so do NOT add any information that is privacy sensitive (e.g. your e-mail adress or phone number), use the contact form instead.

Please note that for the time being we are not adding markers for mere residence or workplace adresses of Titanic related people, unless the building has a plaque on it with a Titanic reference.

The Swiss Titanic Society reserves the right to decide wether your marker suggestion will be added to TitanicMap.